New CEO To Head Ona’s Natural Progesterone Cream

Rachelle Burke from Passionate For Truth Brings Her Voice

There are exciting changes taking place at Ona’s Natural Progesterone Cream, LLC.  Rachelle Burke from Passionate For Truth has come on board to fill the empty CEO position left by Ona Green’s passing.  She brings a wide range of knowledge, experience, encouragement, customer support and hope.  We are very pleased with her unique perspective and addition to the company as well as with what it means for everyone who uses our products around the world.  Her focus will be restoring Ona’s original vision of the company and providing a view and a voice that allows for product quality and customer experience to excel.

Rachelle is an educated advocate specializing in seizure recovery, and has become an expert and passionate voice in the wellness community.  Her incredible story of determination and tenacity led to her daughter’s recovery of seizures, migraines, thyroid imbalance, and nutritional deficiencies, ultimately bringing her to study and train in natural hormone health primarily as it related to Catamenial (hormone related) Epilepsy.   Rachelle and Ona understood each other’s story, and are similar in that their entire purpose stems from personal experience driving the effort to provide to others what they themselves needed, along with the answers they were searching for themselves.  The fit couldn’t be better!  Please help me welcome her, and watch for changes that will help you improve your health as well as your experience with Ona’s Natural Progesterone Products.  Stay tuned for all the great improvements she will bring to Ona’s as her vision for the company unfolds.

A Brief History:  Ona’s Natural Progesterone:

Ona Green was the inspiration for the creation of Ona’s Natural Progesterone.  To support her seizure management, she required upwards of 800 mg per day of USP Natural Progesterone.  But only 2% creams available, which forced her to apply huge amounts of the cream from head to toe, still only providing 400 mg.  This was also very cost prohibitive due to such a low concentration of progesterone. The void of a highly concentrated natural progesterone was keeping her from maintaining wellness.

This necessity became the driving force behind the years spent formulating the products that are now known as Ona’s Natural Progesterone.  Creating a cost-effective, highly concentrated, natural progesterone cream has proven to fill a great void by providing a safe, effective, and natural over the counter (without a prescription) product that is available around the world.

Over the years since the inception of Ona’s Natural Progesterone, LLC, we have continued to receive testimonial after testimonial to the benefits and victories that those using Ona’s products have experienced.  We have seen within those testimonies that those suffering from issues such as Estrogen Dominance also did far better applying much larger amounts of progesterone than the tiny 20 mg daily dose that was the typical recommendation by Dr. Lee. Dr. Ray Pete, who inspired Dr. John Lee, believed the 20 mg progesterone dose was much too low to be effective and advocated 10% progesterone creams as a far more effective choice.

Making a concentrated, high quality, natural and most of all affordable product available to those who would otherwise be prohibited from those benefits was the inspiration for the company’s mission to support its customers in the best way possible, knowing full well from personal experience the relief and well-being it can bring.

Ona’s Legacy:

Sadly, in late 2017, unexpectedly Ona Green passed away from a sudden heart attack as a complication of her epilepsy. This was devastating to me, her husband, as well as to the whole of those who made Ona’s Natural Progesterone great. News spread quickly via Facebook to the shock of her many customers and friends who had their lives changed by her. 

Mourning the shocking loss of my amazing wife and inspiring woman, I attempted to keep the company going to the best of my ability for the sake of all of those who relied so desperately on our products.  I will be the first to admit that it wasn’t easy, and many people were affected by the ramifications of her death.  My suffering from depression led to poor customer service, trying to keep up with Ona’s heavy workload.  To those impacted negatively because of this, I do want to extend my deepest apologies for my involvement in any frustration, confusion, hardship or suffering that you have experienced since her passing.

I have had many wonderful people reaching out to me to offer their condolences along with their help to aid me during this time. Every time a customer gave their condolences or wanted to know what happened I was in tears in my reply to them.  To them I am forever grateful as it aided the grieving process that I had to go through.  I am happy to say that starting this year I have made it through this process. And through many conversations with Rachelle Burke I realized she could pick up the torch that Ona had carried and is the perfect successor to Ona Green as the new CEO of Ona’s Natural. Rachelle is motivated to make the world a better place as an advocate of hormonal health.  The company is now a legacy of Ona Green and will continue to bring affordable progesterone products to customers who can’t find them anywhere else.


Working on your behalf,


Eric Green                                                                  

Ona’s Natural Progesterone Cream, LLC