Luna Madre – Pregnenolone

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Luna Madre is the natural solution you’ve been looking for, to take back control of your hormonal health. 

With pregnenolone, The Mother of All Hormones, as the main active ingredient, this cream helps improve your cognitive function, your bone health, and your general mood and well-being. It also helps regulate your menstrual cycle.

Its natural and potent formula works with your body to help support hormone balance.

Pregnenolone, "The mother of all Hormones". Each pump contains 100mg Microzined Pregnenolone.
This cream has been formulated to contain 10,000mg of Natural Pregnenolone USP micronized per bottle.

What's inside

Luna Madre cream contains USP Natural Micronized Pregnenolone (10%), Purified Water, Caprylic/capric triglyceride (MCT), Tocopherol (Soy-free Natural Vitamin E), Glycerine, Cetearyl Olivate (and) Sorbitan Olivate, Populus Tremuloides Bark Extract, and HEC. 


  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improved cognitive function 
  • Improved bone health
  • Improved general mood and well-being 
  • Regulates menstrual cycle
  • Promotes healthy skin

How to use

Using Luna Madre is simple. Start with a small amount and work up to 1 pump daily, rubbing the cream on thin-skinned areas like the forearms, behind the ears, decolletage, and bottoms of feet.

General Recommendations

*More specific dosing is sometimes necessary. Consult your practitioner for guidance.

  • Begin with a pea size amount and work up to 1 full pump daily

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