Luna Snow

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A 10% micronized progesterone suspended in natural Vitamin E with added 2% Sunflower Phosphatidylcholine.

Luna Snow: Key Features and Benefits

- 10% micronized progesterone
- Natural Vitamin E from wheat germ
- 2% Sunflower Phosphatidylcholine for enhanced absorption

Health Benefits:
- May support liver health, cognitive function, and cardiovascular health
- Acts as a natural emulsifier to improve absorption

Usage and Effects:
- Reduces anxiety, inflammation, pain, swelling, and hot flashes
- Enhances libido, improves sleep, regulates ovulation, and menstrual cycle
- Promotes bone health and mood balance

- Oral absorption for gentle, effective use
- Shake before each use

- 1 drop contains 5 mg progesterone
- 1 ml contains 100 mg progesterone and 1000 IU Vitamin E
- 1/4 tsp contains 125 mg progesterone and 1250 IU Vitamin E
- Bottle contains 5680 mg progesterone and 28400 IU Vitamin E

Luna Snow is a natural solution for women dealing with menopause and estrogen dominance symptoms, offering a calming, nurturing alternative.