Luna Oil 5

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Luna Oil 5: Key Features and Benefits

Luna Oil 5 is a gentle and natural solution designed to support and care for you. It may help with:
– Reducing anxiety, inflammation, pain, and swelling
– Easing hot flashes
– Improving sleep quality
– Regulating ovulation and menstrual cycles
– Promoting bone health and mood balance

With its gentle and effective oral absorption, Luna Oil 5 offers a calming and nurturing alternative. Each ml contains 50 mg of progesterone, with a high concentration of 5% natural progesterone. Now available with a refreshing spearmint flavor.

*Consult your practitioner for specific dosing guidance.

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- 10% Natural USP Progesterone
- Natural Vitamin E from wheat germ
- FCO coconut oil

- 1 drop contains 2.5 mg Bio-identical Progesterone
- 1 ml contains 50 mg Bio-identical Progesterone and 1000 IU Vitamin E
- 1/4 tsp contains 63 mg Progesterone and 1250 IU Vitamin E
- Bottle contains 2840 mg Progesterone and 28400 IU Vitamin E

Potential Benefits:
- May support restful sleep
- May help regulate ovulation and menstrual cycle
- May aid in improving bone health
- May assist in promoting mood balance
- May help alleviate menopause and estrogen dominance symptoms

- Pre-menopausal women: 1-2 drops daily on days 14-28 of the cycle
- Peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women: 1-3 drops daily for 21 days, followed by 7 days off
- Apply to skin until absorbed;

*Consult your practitioner for specific dosing guidance.


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